Thursday, July 19, 2012

Covered in Shadows

The hardship of a life lived in the shadows of China is unimaginable to me.  I live a life of complete comfort and liberty.  I have the right to freely move about wherever I please and make a life for myself how I see fit.

When I think of this, I’m struck with compassion for those who suffer all around the world.  I reflect on how bad it must be for those who flee their homeland.  Why must the world suffer such injustice?  What will it take for all of us to refocus our attention to what really matters?

The good people of North Korea are a proud and incredibly resilient people.  They continue to endure extreme hardships that would challenge the will of any man.  So, they escape hell on earth with the hopes and dreams of a better life only to jump into another frying pan.  Now, they are lost in a world that they do not understand nor belong.

“Tears of the Sun: Jin’s Story” (title name change in progress  :D) is a project that I’ve begun to spread awareness to the problems facing the people of North Korea.  We will use animation to tell a not to uncommon story of a North Korean family caught up in a world wind of change as they are torn from a life of privilege in P’yonyang and subjected to unspeakable crimes, acts of violence and persecution.  Harsh conditions of life force the family to make tough decisions that will undoubtedly alter the course of their lives.

As I work on this project, I’m continually reminded of the responsibility that I and every one of us have to help humanity and spread liberty for mankind.  It could come in the form of giving to a respectable non-profit like LiNK, doing a creative project like me, or by simply speaking to friends about the crisis.  All acts such as these are worthy causes.  We must stay vigilant and actively continue to protect life and liberty in all parts of the world.  So, get involved and be active!!!  XD

With great humility and compassion,

Frank, CO

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