Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Viewing the how-to video: Drawing Sexy Manga by the Pros

I must say that I when I saw the image on the cover of this how-to DVD, I was impressed.  Personally, I’m more into an American Comic Book & Manga blended style and I think the video shows you how to do it.  I recently had the joy of sitting and watching it as was pleasantly surprised with some of what the instructor discussed.  I walked away with some new methods of doing things and some long-exiting questions that I had answered.
The video takes you all the way from drawing the character to painting her and adding a nice background.  Personally, I tend to get stuck in the traditional comic book style with the black line art showing over the coloring.  The instructor takes a different approach and makes the line color blend with the overall colors of the character.  I really liked what she did here.  It seemed to pull the character together and add a little realism with a cartoony look.  I think this process takes a little more time but the results will be well worth while.

Frank Freeman is a freelance artist, trainer and CEO of Artistic Gurus, Inc. a training company that focuses on how-to videos in the 2D, 3D, Traditional Arts, Comics, Anime and Manga fields. http://www.artisticgurus.com/ or http://www.rentartvideos.com/

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